Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So . . . you’ll have noticed that we feature a lot of cuts from Blues Classics LPs as well as from OJL and Yazoo. In the days before Yazoo started up, Blues Classics was one of the major pre- and postwar reissue labels and their releases could be found just about everywhere, no doubt due to good indie record store distribution by Bayside (or Jack’s Record Cellar, I can’t remember now). There was a period there in the mid- to late 60s when some of the greatest blues ever recorded were as easily available, at the right shops, as current pop music. So, for a beginning blues fan, what a time it was. Relatively good sound remastering, terrific selection, informative liner notes all in one package for about $3.00 a pop. How could you go wrong?

Sonny “Hootin’” Terry & His Night Owls
Harmonica Train • 1952

Sonny Terry, vocal whoops/harmonica; Bob Gaddy, piano; Brownie McGhee, guitar; Bob Harris, bass; George Wood, drums. Recorded in New York City, 1952.