Monday, April 28, 2014


This week’s DPRB selection is what my friend Marie might call a guilty pleasure. But I don’t feel guilty as much as stoopid for liking this. When it came out I was a newly baptized blues pup, but rock’n’roll continued to have a strong pull. And as blues wankers Led Zep were as good as they come. Listening to this there’s a point in the middle where you seem to fall through a hole in time and there you are on a hot day in the Mississippi Delta in 1942 as a train chugs by in the middle of a song Son House is recording on a porch for Alan Lomax. Time lurches again as Son House’s protégé McKinley Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters) records “You Need Love” and another lurch lands us back in the present with Led Zeppelin screaming and thrashing away on their version of Muddy’s record, their first big hit.

Led Zeppelin • Whole Lotta Love • 1969

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Frank! A perfect description, "falling through a hole in time" - but when I go through, sadly, I don't end up in the Mississippi Delta, but instead am surrounded by hippies in the Etherea restaurant housed under Rochdale College. Ahh, music and memory . . .

    From the Globe and Mail newspaper:

    Rochdale was an experiment in student-run alternative education and co-operative living in Toronto. It provided space for 840 residents in a co-operative living space when it opened in 1968. The project ultimately failed when it could not cover its financing and neighbours complained that it had become a haven for drugs and crime. It was closed in 1975.