Saturday, March 29, 2014


Gospel All Stars • Every Now And Then • 1953

Imogene Greene, lead vocal; James Cleveland, vocal/piano; Rose Marie White Hines, Dorothy Bates, vocals; unknown organ. Originally recorded for Apollo c.1953.


  1. I think this is the first time that I've heard an early James Cleveland. Have you seen the Nashboro compilation that came out recently from Tompkins Square? I almost bought it, but I figured there might not be much a capella on it and I'm not a big fan of organ, which showed up quite a bit later on.

    1. Have had this reissue 45 for years and years. Not so crazy about the entire production but what a singer Imogene Greene is; her vocal sends shivers my way every time.

      I've read nothing but good things about the Nashboro set but as you know already, it spans the 50s thru the 80s. I'd be interested to know if it is more slanted towards 50s-60s than 70s-80s. There are sound samples somewhere, maybe on Tompkins Square's website. But with groups like The Consolers, Swanee Quintet, The Angelic Gospel Singers, The Radio Four, and The Supreme Angels, it's got to be pretty good. It was also licensed so the sound is reportedly pretty good.

    2. Check out this video by The Consolers, "chicken skin" music all the way. (From the same DVD set as the Sensational Nightingales vid posted here a couple months ago.)

  2. I just noticed I didn't show up on your feedjit this time?? Odd.

    Anyway, that Consolers' video is amazing! I posted one on the old Bless My Bones blog (from Shanachie too), but can't remember the title - not this one, so thanks for the link. I like this duo - a lot!