Monday, February 17, 2014



Truly soulful music can only be understood properly by knowing what soulful music truly is. To be a soulful song, it must be handed down from one to another. Most of the time, each listener will deliver these songs in his own way: by mail, download, or just the old fashioned way. They will add or take away or rearrange these songs to suit their feelings.

There are so many things expressed in real soul music that if the story doesn’t reach you, well, like old Wolfman Jack used to say, “You got a hole in your soul, bay-bay.” But for most, whether they are odds or ends, they will understand in one listening the true American soul. So, take a seat, rear way back, and whether you’re from Amphioxus, Minglewood, or Nagasaki, and whether you’re happy, hurting, or just a little pink, you should be able to find something here to suit your mood, or get you in the mood.

And remember, the Soul of a man is the real soul music, and these artists sing these songs with soul. A case in point is Anti von Klewitz and her Eastern European string quartet Cskólom. . . . 
—Fats Terminal, DJ, Radio Station KBAK, Lompoc    

Pink Panther Theme/Pink Legényes/Legényes A minor
Csókolom – 2001

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