Saturday, January 04, 2014


By the time of this August 1949 session, Jimmy Rogers had recorded as a singer/leader three times previously with only one tune released (on the Harlem label and that not under his own name). His other two sessions, for Ora Nelle and Regal, were not issued at the time. This Sunnyland Slim session for Apollo was no different. Jimmy would have to wait another year to start with Chess as a recording artist on his own (he was a month away from his first recordings as Muddy Waters’ guitarist). This, his initial recording of “That’s All Right,” has its own merits, with Jimmy’s assured vocal and solid guitar playing; he’s accompanied by yelps of encouragement from pianist Sunnyland Slim (including at one point a “Glory Hallelujah!”). History in the making.

Jimmy Rogers • That’s All Right • 1949


  1. I have a different version of this, Frank. Do you know what label this came out on? Mine is on the CD "Blues Masters Vol.2: Postwar Chicago Blues." I really like this one.

    Did you hear that Phil Everly passed away?

    1. This was unreleased from Apollo. You can find it on Delmark DD-655, Sunnyland Slim - House Rent Party. I think this version is really nice with some terrific guitar playing from Jimmy. You probably have the Chess version from his first Chess session, a wonderful record on its own!

      As to Phil Everly, sad to read that last night. I made a quick post of a 1990s Irish-themed Everly Bros tune late last evening.