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Driving around in the car it was still business as usual: “radio tuned to rock’n’roll.” At home newly discovered music via LP was beginning to supplant the blastings of the little tabletop radio perched on a homemade desk. Harbingers of a sea change in listening habits and musical interests were records like Detroit Blues: The Early 1950s on Blues Classics, the first (and only at the time) Robert Johnson album King of the Delta Blues Singers, and 1965’s Big Mama Thornton In Europe which inspired an ultimately unsuccessful trip up the coast to see and hear her live at a small blues festival. Another year or so and this “new” music had almost completely overtaken the “old.” Roll over, John Lennon and tell Mick Jagger the news!

Eddie Kirkland • No Shoes • 1953

Robert Johnson • Come On In My Kitchen • 1936

Big Mama Thornton • Little Red Rooster • 1965

Get ’em: Battle of Hastings Street; King of the Delta Blues Singers; Big Mama Thornton in Europe

Album cover: All Music

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And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment has come. . . .

The Animals • House Of The Rising Sun • 1964

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The Rev. Julius Cheeks, on hiatus from The Sensational Nightingales, sang with The Soul Stirrers for about five minutes one time around 1954. He recorded several takes of “All Right Now,” sharing fiery leads with Sam Cooke; none were originally issued, all are good enough to have been. This is take 4.

The Soul Stirrers • All Right Now (Take 4 Alternate) • 1954

Photo: “The Sensational Nightingales, New York, 1958” (detail). Left to right, Dewey Young, Julius Cheeks, Jo Jo Wallace. Photo by Lloyd Yearwood from The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times by Tony Heilbut, Simon and Schuster, 1971.

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