Wednesday, October 02, 2013


“I Want You” was the jaunty radio hit in the summer of ’66 but the flip was the scary side that pulled you down onto Rue Morgue Avenue and wrung you out until you drag-assed yourself back home muttering “I do believe I’ve had enough. . . .”

Bob Dylan • I Want You • 1966

Bob Dylan • Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues • 1966

Get ’em: Blonde on Blonde; A Musical History (The Band)

45 picture sleeve: Rate Your Music


  1. Fantastic! I've always loved this track - though the UK had, if I recall, something like Can you please crawl out your window on the B-side. My older brother had the single and I was under strict orders NOT to go in his room and play his records when he was out. I spent the summer with 'I want you' on permanent replay. Even taught myself harmonica to play along. Happy days...

    Thanks for the memory!


  2. Amazing how a record heard in the right circumstances can stay with you seemingly forgotten over the years and then take you to an exact place and time when heard again. . . .