Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In September 1965 the followup single to “Like a Rolling Stone” took to the airwaves. In southern California the song announced as “Positively 4th Street” was a mistakenly pressed early version of “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window.” It aired for a couple of weeks and then without fanfare a “new” version of “Positively 4th Street” quietly took its place. It sounded much like other songs recorded during the Highway 61 Revisited sessions, with prominent Al Kooper organ, and perhaps not many listeners noticed the switch. The next month Joan Baez released Farewell, Angelina, her first album utilizing the currently popular “folk rock” sound, i.e., light amplified accompaniment a la Bringing It All Back Home or The Byrds’ Mr. Tambourine Man. The album featured two new Dylan songs along with a mix of traditional tunes, songs by Woody Guthrie, Donovan and Pete Seeger, as well as two older Dylan compositions. The title track was a previously unheard Bob Dylan song with mysterious apocalyptic lyrics beautifully sung by Baez as a sad, resigned benediction.

Bob Dylan • Positively 4th Street • 1965

Joan Baez • Farewell, Angelina • 1965

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