Saturday, September 21, 2013


This story’s been told here before. Here it is again. . . . 1965. I’m driving around in my little 1960 blue Falcon, “radio tuned to rock’n’roll.” This country song keeps coming on and I immediately switch stations. What are they doing playing this kind of stuff on my station? One day I tune in just as the song ends and the DJ says, “That was ‘Act Naturally’ by The Beatles.” Whaaat?!? Well, after that, I started listening to it and, eating my prejudice for lunch, began to really like it. 
I mean, it was the Beatles, y’know? Sometime later, one of my friends played me a song he was learning on his guitar, “Buckaroo,” by some guy called Buck Owens. That was pretty fine too. Little by little. . . . Well, at some point along the way I heard Buck Owens’ original of “Act Naturally,” and became a big fan, though the Beatles’ version is still a frozen-in-time favorite. 
And how do you get Ringo to sound good? Have him sing country!

The Beatles • Act Naturally • 1965

Get it: Help!

For Buck’s original, click here.


  1. It's great to see the reprise of DPRB!

    1. Thanks for your continued support on this series, V.G. Throughout August I'll be posting a half dozen records transitioning from Top 40 radio to discovering all the other good stuff that was out there, new and old, that was beginning to beckon beyond the radio dial. Then maybe a third "dino" series after that. . . .