Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cowboy Jack Clement 1931–2013

Waylon Jennings • Let’s All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues) • 1975
(written and co-produced by Jack Clement)

Bobby Bare • Miller’s Cave • 1966
(written by Jack Clement)

Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two • Guess Things Happen That Way • 1958
(written and produced by Jack Clement)


  1. I'd never heard of Cowboy Jack Clement. Is he singing harmony on this track?

    1. Well . . . Jack Clement started as a producer and songwriter (and made a few records) at Sun; produced Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash a.o.; wrote songs like "Ballad of a Teenage Queen" and "Miller's Cave"; produced Charley Pride's first records, the list goes on and on. Peter Guralnick included a chapter on Jack in his excellent book Lost Highway. And there's a really fun DVD called Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Movies. I think I'm gonna watch it again tonight. And here is a latter day Clement recording with Johnny Cash dubbed on:

      Well, anyway, that's a way too short tribute to the "Cowboy." Oh, and yes, he wrote this song for Waylon Jennings, produced the album it's on, and it does sound like him singing harmony tho' he is not credited. . . .

  2. Thanks for all of that info, Frank! I had no idea. You sent me some versions of Miller's Cave and I really liked that song.

    I saw Lost Highway in a great remainders bookstore near me the other day - if it's still there tomorrow, I'll pick it up (I must have been in a daze because ordinarily I snatch up books on vintage music without a second thought.)

    1. Hope it's still there, not to be missed. Sweet Soul Music is another of his really great books.

      I don't think I've heard a version of "Miller's Cave" I didn't like and this one is no exception.

      Thanks for commenting twice in one day!