Wednesday, July 17, 2013

San Diego Folk & Blues

Have a look: San Diego Folk & Blues 1965–1970 is now available as a hardbound book featuring photographs of the San Diego folk and blues scene in the mid- to late 60s. Images include both live and informal portraits of local folkies and blues singers such as Ray Bierl, Jack Tempchin, Kathy & Carol, Tom Jacobson, Gary McCoy, David Cheney, Warren Hughey, Lou & Virginia Curtiss, Bruce Frye, Stan Smith, Suzie Halgedahl, John German, Thomas Shaw, Bob Jeffery, and Dennis Kruse, as well as visiting performers such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mary McCaslin, Juke Boy Bonner, Robert Pete Williams, Jesse Fuller, Doc & Merle Watson, and Sam Chatmon. Also shown are San Diego institutions Folk Arts and the Blue Guitar. The book is available to view and purchase now at Blues Live 1967–1970, featured here in April, is also available.


  1. These are really beautiful photographs. I just wish I could figure out how to enlarge the view so that I'd be able to read the captions for the performers I didn't recognize. It's a lovely edition, though!

    1. When you click on preview, and it loads, then look in the lower right corner of preview window, you'll see a little box with 4 arrows pointing in 4 directions. Click on that and you'll see it full size or better depending on your monitor. And thanks for the compliments. . . .