Sunday, July 21, 2013

Johnnie Taylor Blues, pt 2

Before we slow down the pace here too much at Blues All Kinds, we wanted to finish up a couple of “series” that started here earlier this year. First up. . . .

When Sam Cooke left the Soul Stirrers to sing pop music, Johnnie Taylor was drafted in from the Highway QCs to replace him, just as Cooke had been similarly picked from the QCs to take over for R. H. Harris when he left the Stirrers. One of my long-time favorite Soul Stirrers sides is “The Love of God,” with a gorgeous Johnnie Taylor lead. I saw this record described in print once as a pedestrian pop ballad; I only wish the Taylor incarnation of the Soul Stirrers had done more of them. . . . (This is the flip side of “Out on a Hill,” posted earlier.)

The label pic shown is from an early 70s reissue; looks like Specialty wanted to capitalize on Johnnie Taylor’s popularity as a soul singer and at the same time plug their recent LP comp The Original Soul Stirrers.

The Soul Stirrers • The Love of God • 1958


  1. As far as I can recall (off the top of my head), yours is the only other blog posting vintage black quartet music.

    I was just listening to a couple of Johnnie Taylor-led songs yesterday on my ipod. I'll post one of them a little ways down the road - maybe it will be one you haven't heard yet.

    Have I already said that I hope you'll be back to a daily posting schedule in the near future?


    1. Yeah, there's too many of us . . . which is too bad, there's a lot of GREAT stuff out there and not enough hours in the day to get the word out. I hope, at least, that folks enjoy what gets posted as much as we do!