Monday, July 01, 2013


The Beatles • I Saw Her Standing There • 1964

Get it: Please Please Me


  1. It's funny how you can take songs for granted - I haven't searched this one out in a long time and my ipod shuffle hasn't ever brought it up in the queue. Today, in my memories, I'm sitting on the living room floor, nose about a foot and a half away from the TV screen watching my fave band making history on the Ed Sullivan Show.

    Makes me think that maybe down the line there's a DPRB PART II, just crying to be heard - okay . . . the crying part is actually me thinking about the end of this series.

    1. Aw, now, don't cry. There's still 5 more to go . . . and after that, who knows?

      These are the kind of records, when you hear them, they can take you right back to an exact place in time, the emotions felt, etc.

      And this record is definitely a "roadmap" song for me; to me it's way better than its flip which I still can't stand!

  2. There are some songs that do bring you right back to a particular time and place and ignite those emotions (sometimes bittersweet, sometimes joyous, sometimes downright depressing!) Two later '60s songs that immediately come to mind that have that effect on me are Traffic's 'Dear Mr. Fantasy' and the Jeff Beck Group's 'Beck's Bolero.'

    Don't like 'I Want To Hold Your Hand?' I can't say that I dislike it, but it wouldn't be on my list of absolute favourite Beatles' songs. The song that really exploded here in Toronto was 'She Loves You.' Again, no longer at the very top of the toppermost. Well, I could keep babbling here, so I'd better stop now before I begin to list my 'faves.'