Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Directly from my heart to you

Recently I was scrolling through the entries of a favorite tumblr, Mudwerks. Many times I skip the audio clips as they are often out of my range of interest. But I came across a really great performance of “Directly from My Heart to You” by the Mothers of Invention with Don “Sugarcane” Harris (of Don & Dewey fame) on vocals and electric violin. Listening to that got me searching through my Little Richard stuff to find his version, cut early in his tenure with Specialty. It’s a fine record, and in 1955 he was still searching for his “voice,” that essence of Little Richard that we all came to know and love with records like “Tutti Frutti,” “True Fine Mama,” “Jenny, Jenny,” “Good Golly, Miss Molly” and many others. I really like this record, and another from the same session, “I’m Just a Lonely Guy.” And actually, “Tutti Frutti” came from this session also. But as good as this is, I think Sugarcane Harris kills it with his 1970 update. Here are both versions, directly from my heart to you. . . .

Little Richard • Directly From My Heart • 1955

The Mothers of Invention • Directly From My Heart To You • 1970
Don “Sugarcane” Harris, vocal & electric violin

Image: last.fm

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