Sunday, April 28, 2013


In 1959 when the Kingston Trio was riding high with “Tom Dooley” I used to hang out with a fellow sixth grader, a guy named Ken. He had an older brother named Tom who had a bunch of Kingston Trio LPs. When Tom wasn’t around we used to listen to his records on the sly, and this track, “Coplas,” from their 1958 debut album, always caught my ear, mostly because it was funny, with the fake Mexican and Chinese/Japanese accents. I’m sure I missed all the mild double entendres, and was blissfully unaware of what would surely be considered un-PC nowadays, even though I guess this is what “liberals” of the fifties thought was cool. I dunno, I still like it anyway. And I also still have my beat to sh*t 45 of “Tom Dooley.”

The Kingston Trio • Coplas • 1958

Get it: The Kingston Trio / from the Hungry i

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