Monday, February 25, 2013

Two trains runnin’

Still A Fool – Muddy Waters – 1951

Muddy Waters vcl, gtr; Little Walter gtr; Len Chess bass drum. Chicago, Wed. 11 July 1951


  1. Don't know if I'm expressing this very well but, with these Chess monos, if I close my eyes I can almost feel that I'm right in the studio. There's such a 'presence.' I can even hear someone spontaneously yell out behind Muddy. Love 'em!

    1. Yes, they sound great don't they. I'm thinking the old two-track mono system hasn't been surpassed in all these decades since by technological gains. Back in the day I had some Chess and Vee-Jay 78s and I remember putting them on the record player, cranking up the volume, stepping into the hall and it felt like I was right there in the studio or in a club; those 50s records just had so much presence!