Thursday, January 24, 2013

Before you do something smart . . .

Songs with references to other song titles or characters, songs with lots of characters, songs with narration or sermonizing, cut-in records, tunes that quote other tunes, sequels, answer records . . . oh, I’m a sucker for all of ’em. “Short Fat Fanny” and “Splish Splash” come to mind. Bob Luman’s “Let’s Think About Livin’.” Lil’ Son Jackson’s roll call of his “hits” in “Everybody’s Blues.” After that build-up, “Honey, Don’t Let Me Go” is a fairly slight entry, “just another” Jimmy Reed record. Eddie Taylor and Earl Phillips lay down the “Jimmy Reed beat” as Jimmy namechecks “High and Lonesome,” “Roll and Rhumba,” “Boogie in the Dark,” “Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby,” and “Rockin’ with Reed” and throws in a couple of his signature harmonica solos.

Honey, Don’t Let Me Go – Jimmy Reed – 1956

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