Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Once upon a lifetime ago, like many, I discovered lots of great blues and R&B via the Rolling Stones. “Down Home Girl” was one of my favorites, mid-sixties. However you feel about the Stones, you’ve got to admit they had great taste in covers in their pre-writing days. I never even heard of Alvin Robinson till about 15 years after The Rolling Stones Now first hit my turntable. Sometime after that, I was reading the liner notes to a Coasters anthology and the writer made much of his assumption that the Rolling Stones, in their attempt to be heavy bluesmen, missed the humor in the song as evidenced by the Coasters’ version. Well, it’s definitely a funny song as befits a Leiber & Stoller production but I guess that writer had never heard their Alvin Robinson original either!

Alvin Robinson • Down Home Girl • 1964


  1. My journey was the opposite. I heard Shine Robinson's "Down Home Girl" on a juke box in Panama City, Fla., but couldn't find the single when I got home. A few months later I was looking at the songs on the Stones'"Now" and took a chance that it was the same tune. I was not a Stones fan at the time, but those covers on "Now" gave me reason to think they at least were listening to the right music even though they were Brits. Years later I found Shine's 45 at a used record store. He also does a mean version of "Something You Got."

    1. Great story, Anonymous. I've updated the dead link so others can hear what all the fuss is about.

      Yes, his version of "Something You Got" is also a good'un. Maybe we'll get around to posting it one of these days. . . .