Friday, November 23, 2012


Robert Nighthawk’s last “commercial” session, for Chess in 1964, included an update of “Black Angel Blues,” with help from Walter Horton and an all-star rhythm section.

Robert Nighthawk • (Sorry) My Angel • 1964

Robert Nighthawk, vocal/guitar; Big Walter Horton, harmonica; Lafayette Leake, piano; Buddy Guy, guitar; 
Jack Meyers, bass; Clifton James, drums. Recorded in Chicago, 30 June 1964.

Photo: Robert Nighthawk, Memphis, 1966. “photo by Mylon Studio, 154 Beale St, Memphis 3, Tennessee, 
Oct 12, 1966.”  (BAK collection)


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    Mark C

    1. Hi, Mark, thanks for your very nice comment. It's a hit and run kind of world, so I don't expect much in the way of comments but certainly do appreciate it when somebody digs something I put up and says so!