Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day

Christmas In Washington – Steve Earle – 1999
This Land Is Your Land – Freedom Sings performers & audience – 1999


  1. »Reason was represented by beauties of a strong masculine and severe character; Liberty, of more youthful date, was assigned to fairer and more graceful charms. No costume, save that of drapery, was allowed to these divinities. Incense and perfumes were burnt in golden vases at the foot of their altars. Such altars were raised up at many points when the constitution of 1793 was proclaimed on the Champ de Mars. On each of these altars, young citizenesses, most sparingly attired, represented a generous and beneficent nature. At the Bastille a colossal statue was raised, with the forms of Isis, "the soul of the universe," and from whose bosom flowed milk, which was received in a vase by President Herault de Sechelles to illustrate the bounties of nature.«

    Comme c'est bizarre! Mais il a changé le monde pour le mieux.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better meself . . . no, really!