Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cajun Classics

About a million years ago I stumbled across the LP pictured, probably at Folk Arts, and it quickly became one of my favorites, twelve tracks of 50s–60s Cajun honky tonk by some of the artists Jay Miller was recording at the time: Nathan Abshire, Aldus Roger, Robert Bertrand, Louis Alleman, and the Clément Brothers. The Clément sides quickly became my favorites, even though an acquaintance at the time poo-pooed them, saying they weren’t real Cajun music, they were Cajunized rock’n’roll. Whatever. They’re still my favorites from the album, especially “La Valse De Te Maurice.” Terry Clément plays accordion, his brother Purvis plays fiddle and takes the vocals, and everybody sounds like they’re having a blast.

Thanks to Lyle Ferbrache for album cover pic and “Sugar Bee.”


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    1. Hi, Wade, unfortunately when divShare went under, not only did the play links not work, but now I've noticed the dead links don't even show up. So I'm not sure what is on this playlist. Most likely it's the couple or so tracks that were on the original Cajun Classics LP, "La Valse De Te Maurice," "Diggy Liggy Lo," and "Sugar Bee." Sorry 'bout that!