Saturday, December 03, 2011


1965. Summer’s just about over. I’m driving around in my little 1960 blue Falcon, “radio tuned to rock’n’roll.” This country song keeps coming on and I immediately switch stations. What are they doing playing this kind of stuff on my station? One day I tune in just as the song ends and the DJ says, “That was ‘Act Naturally’ by The Beatles.” Whaaat?!? Well, after that, I started listening to it and, eating my prejudice for lunch, started to really like it. I mean, it was the Beatles. Sometime later, one of my friends played me a song he was learning on his guitar, “Buckaroo,” by some guy called Buck Owens. That was pretty fine too. Little by little. . . . Well, at some point along the way I heard Buck Owens’ original of “Act Naturally,” and though the Beatles’ version is still a favorite, there’s really no comparison. Conversion complete.

The Beatles • Act Naturally • 1965

Buck Owens • Act Naturally • 1963

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