Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tore Up Over You

Tore Up Over You – The Midnighters – 1956


  1. Oh, yes - this is one of my faves from many eons ago!! I used to have the 45 in my collection and I remember so well how, when and where it came into my hands. Those were the days (in the '80s) when it was possible to still find these records in near mint condition for a reasonable price.

    There's a record posted over at Cussin' and Carryin' On blog that I think you'd like - don't miss it. It's by the Holmes Sisters on Nashboro called 'Gonna Ride This Train'.

    P.S. I'm making progress - only 130 (minimum) to go!

  2. Wonderful. I love it when a song hits a (hopefully positive) personal nerve! Thass what it's all about. (And sad to say, I too can remember vividly when record collecting used to be fun and, relatively, cheap. . . .)

    Will check on the Holmes Sisters.

    Go! go! go!

  3. Cruising through your archives again, Frank. This one really is a classic!