Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Spider John at Newport

Duncan And Brady – John Koerner & Tony Glover – 1965

Blackjack Davy – Koerner, Ray & Glover – 1964


  1. Such individual styles to be heard in these last few posts, yet they're very cohesive - and they've really energized me as far as my own list goes! Marie

  2. What's that Dylan line? "I got a head full of ideas / that are drivin' me insane." Or even better: "Well, you know I need a steam shovel mama to keep away the dead / I need a dump truck baby to unload my head." To me some of these posts are all over the map and I'm having trouble keeping up with the ones from the last few days myself. So, I'm just glad you're enjoying them, makes me think I'm going in the right direction, manic tho' it's been. . . .

    So, looking forward to your list. Let me know if I can help.