Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday morning blues

Maybe Next Week Sometime – Allen Brothers – 1930


  1. I've never seen this album before, BB. Are all of the tracks by early country artists?

  2. It's all '20s-'30s hillbilly blues stuff, with some really fine tunes. At the time (c.1970) there wasn't too much early country being reissued, so Yazoo did it right, and with a very funny cover photo (which might still be a little offensive today) to boot. Some other artists on the LP: Sam McGee, Larry Hensley (a really fine version of "Match Box Blues"), a couple fine ones by Dick Justice including "Cocaine," Roy Harvey, South Georgia Highballers, Herschel Brown, etc. Yazoo never reissued it on CD, but the LP is probably findable.