Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going down to the river

By The Water – Ford Eaglin – 1960

Going Out With The Tide – Freddy Fender – 1970s


  1. It's taking Blogger hours to update the posts on blogrolls, so I just took a chance and came over here. I'd never heard of Ford Eaglin before - the intro, especially, has that mid-'60s southern soul sound well before its time - interesting!

    P.S. I'm anonymous because Chrome refuses to remember my password and I can't access your music with IE. Marie

  2. Fird Eaglin, better known as Snooks, recorded in a variety of styles, from folky-blues to R&B to. . . . Imperial recorded him as Ford Eaglin; Capitol reissued all his Imperial sides in their Capitol Blues Collection series in the 90s, now out of print.