Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farewell, Angelina

Summer of 1979 I was visiting friends in Québec City and walking around a lot and I saw billboards all over the place with this Nana Mouskouri person wearing Buddy Holly glasses and wondered, “whaaat is this. . . ?” A couple years later, I stepped into a mall record shop in southern California and “Adieu Angelina” was playing over the sound system. Recognizing it as “Farewell, Angelina” from Joan Baez’s 1965 recording, it struck a nerve instantly, and I bought the LP right then and there. Some of the other tunes, covers of the Ames Brothers, etc., were not quite my cup of tea, but an added bonus was “Outward Bound” (heard here as “En Partant”), Tom Paxton’s evocation of the Kennedy years when things in the U.S. seemed to hold more promise than what eventually played out. And there you have it. My story and stickin’ to it. . . .

Adieu Angelina – Nana Mouskouri – 1967

En Partant – Nana Mouskouri – 1970


  1. This has a very pretty melody - okay, now I have to track down Tom Paxton's 'Outward Bound', which I also haven't heard. If my comments are getting to you, just let me know - they're not even remotely insightful, I know. For some reason, after a year and a half of blogging I'm still not comfortable with talking 'about' music.

  2. Well, the whole point, for me, of doing this jukebox, is to share tunes I like, some that I've loved for decades, others I've maybe just discovered, in the hopes they'll find a likeminded ear out there in the 'sphere. So, of course, I like to get comments from folks, especially if they like something, even if it's just to say, "I like it" or "oh, yeah!"

    And the reason I visit various music blogs, including yours, is to hear something I'm not familiar with, or to hear a song in a new way due to context or presentation.

    Again, and this is probably just the way I'm put together, as much as I enjoy histories, biographies, and discographies (and do I ever), it's usually the personal aside that really piques my interest: "I heard this one day as I walking down the street and it was blaring out of an apartment window," or "every time I'm driving through this neighborhood it reminds me of the first time I heard this song," etc.

    It all works. . . .