Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pine Grove Blues

Nathan Abshire is, along with Iry LeJeune and Lawrence Walker, one of the greatest Cajun singers and accordion players of all time. Though Nathan Abshire made a small handful of records in the prewar era, it was beginning in 1949 with his recording of “Pine Grove Blues” that he rose to fame, if not fortune, in South Louisiana. You can read all about his life and music in the excellent journal Louisiana Music (see link below). I’ve put together a playlist of some of my favorite Abshire recordings, from the early 50s through 1973. He made a number of recordings of his big hit “Pine Grove Blues” over the years, all truly fine, but I have chosen one he recorded in later years with the Balfa Brothers for the LP market. Nathan plays accordion on all songs, sings on “Pine Grove Blues,” “Petite, Jolie Juliette” (kind of a drunken take on “Jolie Blonde”), “La Valse de Jolie Fille,” and “Cannon Ball Special.” Dewey Balfa sings on the clip-clopping “Mardi Gras Song” and that’s Lazy Lester playing harmonica behind La La Laverne’s vocal on the hypnotic “La-La Blues.” There’s lots of great Cajun steel playing as well, by the likes of Atlas Frugé, Jake Miere, Darius LeBlanc, and J. W. Pelsia.

Photo of Nathan Abshire courtesy of Lyle Ferbrache and Louisiana Music. You can order a copy of Louisiana Music, Volume 1, Number 1 at Pine Grove Press.

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  1. "Pine Grove Blues" has been rumored to be a rendition of "In The Pines" and "Milk Cow Blues" but you can hear the origins in the Breaux Brother's 1934 recording of "Blues de Petit Chien"